The Suit Case by PFPO


Our Mission

The mission of The Suit Case is to provide men that have been denied a fair and equal opportunity to obtain employment because of their past and also to those that are undergoing financial hardships with the gift of a suit or business attire to help obtain gainful employment. 



Our Vision

Anyone that needs and desperately wants gainful employment; such as those with a disability, disaster, just released from prison, ex felons or past offender's, criminal history, denied, frustrated, refused, withheld, lost, wants assistance, relief, charity, misfortune, unplanned or unexpected job loss or layoff, low income, and anyone that desires a hand up and a second chance, and is willing to do the hard work necessary to educate themselves, do research, learn a trade, use our resources, and just needs a fair and equal opportunity.


We are here to lift you up, encourage you, equalize you, help you find the free resources to adapt and strengthen your opportunity, to prepare you and reintroduce you to society. We will help you find the tools to succeed, and the training and opportunities for advancement to overcome your obstacles and obtain employment, and we will furnish our tools, support, resources, and commitment for free. 


Our Program

Not everyone can afford the undertaking of buying clothing such as a business outfit, a suit, an ensemble, shoes, or any other array of garments or gear to gain employment and attend job interviews and seminars. It is our mission to bless you with an equal opportunity, resources, support, education, and clothing, We are here for you! 

Why is is called The Suit Case? 

Because every person's "case" or circumstances are different. We know that all you want is to educate yourself, work hard, prepare yourself or your family for a bright future, and a fair and equal opportunity for employment and a livelihood, but you get denied, refused, judged, hassled, and turned away and we don't think it's the right or the christian thing to do. If you are determined to get hired, become a worker or laborer, enjoy success, learn skills, trades, positions, or vocations, apply for services at The Suit Case. 

Programs That Create Solutions!



If you would like to help these gentle,en get back on their feet and help us lead them to a brighter future, then please donate clothing or other business attire or pledge to consider hiring these men that have lost everything and are prepared, and eager to start working and be reintroduced to the workforce. 

Upcoming Events

As part of our grand opening of The Suit Case, we will be having multiple fundraisers, events, and making appearances all over Texas with free clothing vouchers to businesses and other nonprofits such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, that we know will hire and lift up these men, regardless of their past. They are known to give them a second chance and we want to make sure that they all have the opportunity to be able to hand out our vouchers and information so that we can bless more people. 


"What a wonderful idea. I don't think it's fair for only women to have this opportunity" 

M. Lorris, Austin, Texas

"Finally a program to enrich the lives of those that are frowned upon by society and aren't given the same opportunities as everyone else just because of a mistake they made years and years ago"

K. Lawrence, Austin, Texas

Who Is Ineligable

Offenders with a violent history, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or have been convicted of a heinous crime need not apply. 


We  have a printable application for The Suit case, so that men can apply for vouchers/business attire, suits, and clothing for job interviews. Our nonprofit organization is vetted volunteer based charity.  We will provide support, resources for housing, job placement, vocational or trade training, educational resources, tools, vouchers, and vow to update our information regularly with the most recent information to give everyone a fighting chance to find comfort, healing, sustenance, relief, and patronage.  

Hours Of Operation

Please contact us for more information.

The Suit Case is open:

Wednesday 9am-3pm

Thursday 9am-3pm 

We are located in south Austin, and clients are served by appointment only. 

The Suit Case by PFPO: Apply Today

Please call us, or visit PFPO on social media and to schedule an appointmenu, get fitted for a suit, partner, have a suit drive, or to apply for services! 

The Suit Case Application (docx)