Would you like to assist our organization and have a substantial positive impact in your community? Stimulate others to participate by having a fundraiser or an event? Let us know! We are always seeking volunteers and mentors! Your unique skill set will help us determine how you can assist us through volunteerism. If you would like volunteer hours for your school, community service hours, or an internship, please contact us for opportunities. We do ask that every volunteer sign an NDA. We take our clients confidentiality very seriously. We would love to have you on our team, if this is a good fit for you. There are many areas in which you could volunteer or obtain the hours you need for school or community service. Please send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible. 

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Our Bracelets

Every volunteer, sponsor, staff, and our families in need will receive a silver bracelet with a very special welcome letter as part of our tradition at PFPO.  

This is a tangible reminder from all of us at PFPO to stay strong and keep reaching for the future. All of our bracelets are plain, silver, and unisex, so as not to contribute to any bullying. If possible, please wear your bracelet on your left wrist.

We tend to reach for things with our left hand, and as you reach, we want to remind you that we are here for you, that we care so much about you, and that you are reaching for the future. We are all one big community at PFPO Pens for pals and we are all here to help you through your difficult times, and through your journey in life with us by your side. 


"I can't thank you all enough. You saved our family, and our community is so much stronger and safer now!"

D. Turner, Virginia 

"The healing, love and devotion that this organization puts into all of their efforts has restored my faith in humanity" 

R. Brighton, Tennessee 

"Thank you Pens for pals. You literally saved my life at my darkest hour. I am so happy to have a friend that understands and writes to me . I don't feel alone anymore." 

R. Collins, California

Introducing Hope Box

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our newest program, called Hope Box by PFPO. Our unique and handmade gifts are crafted with love and will create lasting memories for years to come. With the Holiday season quickly approaching, why not go ahead and sponsor a family in need today! 

For every Hope Box that is purchased, we will donate one to a family in need of some hope and heartfelt memories during good times and during difficult times. Hope boxes are filled with personalized items that we know you will love. With the help of local companies, all of our products are handmade, hypo-allergenic, and gentle enough for the whole family. we will include themes, such as favorite colors, holidays, occasions, or characters for you and your loved ones. Some of the items included are relaxing, some are energetic, some are for date night or coffee lovers, but all are unique and delivered personally by one of our volunteers or our courier service, to ensure the most professional and personalized experience we can offer. flowers are a thing of the past and all of the proceeds from our Hope Boxes are used to grant a wish or dream to a loved one that is very sick, or terminally ill. 

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