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To The Rescue: #ServingHope

Search and Rescue


PFPO Pens for Pals volunteers arrived in Houston on Monday August 28th to search and rescue. We were able to rescue a few and help save the lives of many by helping locate family members, drive out to neighborhoods and addresses that we're being posted on Twitter (in a panic by loved ones and victims), and slowly making our way to each residence and neighborhood in up to 9 foot of water. We tried our hardest to rescue as many as we could. 

Next, we got the call asking us to come out to Port Arthur and help with search and rescue; as children were drowning and people were trapped. We were not able to gain access to Port A or Beaumont due to road conditions, closures, and flooding. We were then forced to turn back and drive home Austin or be trapped in Houston, due to devastating crime rates and a lack of gasoline. 

After safely making it home, we decided to reach out to churches, other non-profits, and organizations such as FEMA, The US Coast Guard, and the Cajun Navy. With our combined efforts, we were able to secure 4 warehouses, place 3 truckload donation requests with Good360 and arrange for long-term relief for the victims of Harvey within 48 hours of returning to Austin. 

We are now able to direct trucks to our donated warehouse spaces, set up staging, and begin to rebuild some of the cities that were hit the hardest.

We see the need and we fill it. 

Using #servinghope we will our serve underserved and low income survivors and together we will rebuild our communities and come out stronger! 



The super-mega-team has formed! 

7 fire departments nationally, and with the help of churches, like-minded nonprofit organizations, a few amazing companies and almost 1500 volunteers, our mega team is the solution! Churches, shelters, individuals, and communities will be provided long term ongoing donations to sustain each community as we rebuild. We served and fed over 1490 people daily at Launchpoint warehouse, and made sure that the Harris County Sheriff's Office received 80 hot  meals a day. 

Our combined efforts allow us to create sustainable communities while providing comfort and hope as we begin phase 3- rebuild. Our team is comprised of volunteers, community members, companies, churches, veterans, warehouses, and other nonprofit organizations all over the nation. Our generously donated warehouse spaces, supplies, and truckload donations allow us to house and distribute our donations to so many of the communities affected by Harvey and other disasters. 

We are rebuilding Houston and 6 other cities using the very communities that were affected the most or had the most crime. We train community members, get them certified in OSHA and NCCER, and then literally have our communities rebuild themselves with their own hands and hearts working together. Our resident volunteers come out of training with guaranteed job placement at a minimum of $12 an hour, and having had at least 100 hours of hands on experience in rebuilding each house in affected communities. As if that wasn't enough, the crime level in some of the darkest parts of Houston will significantly decrease because all of our community members are being trained, certified, and then physically rebuilding each other's houses as a community. Others will follow our lead because we are the solution. Join our program: Serving Hope and have a look at our Facebook page; where we match needs with donors from all over the world. 

It is amazing to see all of our communities pulling together after surviving such a terrible tragedy. Together we will take care of each other and provide long-term support. Thank you to everyone that has helped us organize and create our team and our mission to sustain and rebuild our communities and provide bright futures to those that may have never had this opportunity, if it were not for Harvey. We call this a blessing. So much good pours out from this. . If you would like to volunteer, donate food, or help in any way, please contact us.

Harvey Facebook Page

Items Needed


We have created an Amazon Wishlist for ongoing, long-term, and immediate needs so that no one is forgotten. If you would like to send truckload donations to any of our donated spaces, please give us a courtesy call first 1-800-PENS-619. We will make sure they are delivered to those in need. If you would like to help by sending a monetary donation, please use the donate button on our site. If you can't afford to donate tangibly or monetarily, please consider donating blood to the Red Cross. We have warehouses in desperate need of ongoing supplies, building materials, full pallet donations and truckload donations. You can set up and stage at our main Houston location, or send donations to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, in Vidor Texas; which serves the 3 surrounding smaller cities.  Our warehouses were carefully selected to be able to easily access and serve 3-5 cities at each location. These are our central hubs. Veterans and volunteers are always welcome to join us in our mission! Please give us a courtesy call before arriving at any of our warehouses. Our phone number is: 1-800-736-7619. We have a total of 2 warehouses that need ongoing supplies. The most immediate needs are met using churches that we are working with and private planes and pilots that donated their time and planes, and were able to transport items to cities that are not able to be reached by boat or vehicles; like Beaumont and Port A.. Please consider helping us fulfill items through our Amazon Wishlist. All Amazon items will be sent directly to the main warehouse in Houston. #ServingHope and anyone can add items to the list as needed by clicking on this link:  #ServingHope

Thank you for your help! We are accepting donations in Austin

Please schedule a pick up time and date. 

Amazon Wishlist

#ServingHope Volunteers and Affiliates

Heaven's Army


Heaven's Army is a wonderful transitional program for ladies in New caney, Texas that have just been released from prison, or are going through a rehabilitation program and  life changes through Christ. They have been one of our biggest supporters, donation suppliers, and greatest assets. We can't speak highly enough of this organization. Thank you ladies for all of your help, and we look forward to helping you succeed long-term in giving these ladies the tools they need to be successful after your two year program. 

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Austin Donations and Warehouse


Our main donation collection and housing unit is in Austin. We accept donations daily and then drive them to Houston and other surrounding affected areas of Harvey at least once a week! We have a private veteran run warehouse in Houston that we deliver to, on top of all of the families that we adopt. Thank you for all of your donations and contributions. Keep them coming! Thank you to all of the communities in and around Austin that have come together to deliver or collect donations for PFPO, thank you all for your generosity, kindness, and hard work. Together we are rebuilding our communities. 

Please be advised we are sending all truckloads and deliveries to PFPO Pens for Pals Organization

2115 Garden Street

Austin, TX 78702

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Cookies For A Cause


Bakers from all over the nation have been sending homemade cookies to one of our newest partners, called Cookie Comfort for Texas. We pick these beautiful pieces of edible art up and deliver them to first responders, communities, law enforcement, shelters,non-profit organizations, teachers, families, and everyone that is working so hard to help us rebuild and sustain Houston. Our outstanding joint efforts these last few weeks have been made possible with Operation BBQ, I Have Food, I need Food, and now Cookie Comfort for Texas; allowing us to feed the communities from 10am-8pm (1380 plates daily), plus dozens of cookies each week! 

Founder: Tiffany Rene'

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