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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship fees are $100 per constituent. Your donation will provide one or more of our at-risk or terminally ill youth or families with a brighter future and a bracelet to let them know that they have been sponsored.With your donation, we can offer life long support and services from our team and a long-term relationship with one of our peer-to-peer volunteers, plus weekly handwritten letters. Sponsors will also be provided with a bracelet, and a thank you card with a tax deductible receipt. If you would like to write to and engage with our clients, please consider becoming a volunteer. We appreciate your generosity and your help in making our communities safer, our families feel loved and comforted, and your desire to provide a future with a substantial decrease in suicides and bullying for generations to come. Together we can prevent suicides and provide our communities the help they so desperately need and deserve

Looking to volunteer for our charity? 


We would be nothing without the hard work of our compassionate and vetted volunteers. Please consider becoming a volunteer for us today; why volunteer anywhere else? We treat you like family here. 

- Must undergo a criminal background check (at your own expense) 

- Must comply with our volunteer program requirements

- Must pay a membership fee of $50

-Could be matched peer-to-peer with a client 

-Must commit to writing your  at-risk client a weekly or bi-weekly encouraging letter 

-Must sign our non-disclosure agreement 


- 86 law enforcement officers take their own lives every day 

- Every 2 hours a person under the age of 25 dies by the hand of suicide

If you are contemplating suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1(800) 273-TALK