Kohl's and PFPO Monthly Events

On August 25th, we had the honor of having 5 Kohl's employees come over and volunteer for us. We also built a long lasting relationship with Kohl's and have several more events lined up in 2017-2018.

This event was the Children's Cancer Charity event. We made 100 Angel Bags and 10 Glitter Jars that will be delivered to Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center in person. We have organized this very special event with the hospital and are super excited to spend time with the kids, their families, staff, volunteers, and we were also be allowed to take pictures and videos of the children whose parents have given consent. Thank you so much Kohl's! We had a lot of laughs, fun, pizza, and a really wonderful time making these bags for the children at Dell Children's!

The reason they are called Angel Bags, is because each one has a handwritten letter inside of it that has been signed, "Love, Angel". Inside of each bag is a crazy straw, stickers, a brave card, and several other hospital approved items to brighten their day. The glitter jars make a wonderful distraction during times like chemotherapy. You shake them and watch as the glitter spirals around and mesmerizes you!


September 24: Houston Strong

On 09/24/2017 Kohl's came to PFPO and helped us organize and make hundreds of donation bags and boxes for families affected by hurricane Harvey. We had a blast and look forward to our upcoming events with Kohl's cares! These boxes and bags were filled with food, hygiene products, diapers, clothes, toys, toiletries, snacks, and each had a personal and inspirational message inside, such as "Jesus loves you", "stay strong" and "you are not forgotten". These will be hand delivered to communities that are literally living in tents in front of their houses and lost everything during Harvey. 

Please have a look around at some of the pictures and stay tuned for two more events with Kohl's each month; each serving a different purpose and community. If you would like to help, we are accepting donations of all kinds that are delivered weekly to areas affected by Harvey. Please send donations to PFPO or order needed items from our Amazon wishlist and they will be delivered to PFPO. 


Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center

The 100 Angel Bags and 11 glitter jars were delivered to Dell Children's Blood and Cancer Center in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, September 5, 2017! We had many laughs, and shared many hugs and tears as we interviewed dozens of children with cancer and spent several hours with these beautiful kids and their families. 

Thank you Kohl's and thank you Dell. We are looking forward to bringing you more donations. If you would like to help, the kids are asking for hair bands (head bands; knitted), baseball hats, and pizza. Would you like to be a part of our next event or send a donation?

 We will happily deliver it to Dell or an organization or location of your choice on your behalf. 

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