We kindly ask you to help us raise money so that we (volunteers and nurses) can go and provide help to as many of the 3 most affected cities cities as possible, or even just one! 

We want to have a large service impact and provide faster medical attention plus be able to fulfill some of the greatest needs, such as food, ventilators, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, support, more volunteer opportunities, and using my own medical background as a nurse, we can help comfort the communities and give them some reassurance that they are not alone. 

This mission is also about coming together and helping to unite communities in a safe and healthy way, and educate them on the correct ways to avoid catching this. 

We are here to help and here to guide so that no more deaths occur because of COVID-19! No more deaths or misinformation at least not from a lack of having enough volunteers. Teach those who may not know about the laws created for us all during this time, or how to properly self quarantine, or the proper hand washing techniques. 

I volunteered with Delta Airlines who is looking for MORE volunteers to help ASAP. Red Cross and FEMA are already onsite. It’s time for nonprofit organizations and business, large or small to come together and support THIS mission. It’s the least I can do right now. Please join me or help support this mission. 

~ Delta Airlines will fly you to 1 of the 3 most affected cities in the nation, and you can provide medical help or help with food, cleaning supplies, etc.. 

~ These 3 cities are specifically looking for more volunteer nurses, healthcare providers, even nursing aids and you can apply online  on Delta Airlines website. 

I have set up a fundraiser on Facebook to help us succeed in our mission. We are currently waiting to be deployed to areas that are most affected and need more medical providers; all donations will be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you for your donation today! Thank you for showing  your support of our mission. We have chosen to use DonorZen as our donation collections platform. You can even make a monthly pledge or a one time donation!
All donations are used to further our mission, expand our programs, and continue to better serve more communities.