Building a BRIGHT future, one community center at a time!

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The Overview


We are excited to announce that we will be building the first of many BRIGHT community centers across the nation, in Austin, Texas in 2018. We are building an all inclusive campus to provide programs and solutions to many of the issues we face today, such as hunger, homelessness, mental health, art and music therapy, education, and many other programs with organizuons that would strive to provide resources and solutions for positive change! 



Our all inclusive campuses will provide programs, organizations, and non-profits an opportunity to not only have a number of locations nationwide but also to be a part of the solution. If a program has not been created yet to address any of a communities needs, then we will create a program and become the solution. 

You will find all of the services that you used to have to drive all over town for, in one location, via hundreds of suites on our campus. Our very first campus will be opening in Austin, TX and we will replicate it in every city, nationwide. We will provide a one-stop-shop, with other organizations and programs to offer solutions to some of the most important issues and we will create programs and solutions for some of the least provided for community members. Each city will have varying needs, and each city‘s community centers will revolve around the needs of that specific community, while also providing organizations with existing programs an opportunity to expand to other cites and states to provide thier services as well. 

Be The Change


We will provide free or low-coat services in our resource centers, including support, empowerment, education, veterans services, helping to end hunger, providing hot showers and helping the homeless. We will provide programs for needs such as such as job training, education, music and art therapy, suicide pre and post-vention, distater relief, rebuild, and sustainability using our on campus warehouse to distrubute to those in need when disaster strikes. We will provide transitional housing for those that need our support such as teenage mothers, and ex-felons in another area of our campus.we will help provide support for and help prevent human sex and drug trafficking, we will work with and partner with any organization or program that would like to make positive changes and provide relief, resources, support and solutions all in one main location in a city or state, or in several locations in other cities and states. Each program will be replicated in other states and cities. We will bring together every resource that we have spread out across the nation, join forces, and literally build a campus to house all of the best programs and solutions available. We are blessed and grateful to have been given this opportunity to make such a huge impact in so many lives and communities, and to bring so many organizations together in one location to serve as many needs as we can; one campus at a time. Thank you for your generous donations that are being used to build the very first community center now. We look forward to serving many and working together with all that would like to join us. Let’s make 2018 the year that we provide the much needed impact to postively change and affect people and communities for generations to come. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! 

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