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Our Mission

Our Mission



The mission of PFPO, is to create a brighter future for those affected by a hurricane or disaster; natural or not. We provide education, vocational training, career placement, holiday toy drives, fundraisers, and events annually to help as many people as we can in the nation. We work with like-minded businesses and organizations to continually create new solutions that we face as a nation, such as hunger, homelessness, and sustainability. 

Our annual toy drive is something to get very excited about as we were able to provide food, clothing and toys to over 400,000 families in 2017. We hope we can count on your support this year. Your donations are fully tax deductible amd we encourage you to check our status and validity on irs.gov, TANO SAM and Guidestar. 

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Hope Boxes


Introducing the Hope Box! Carefully crafted, unique, and handmade with love,and only the finest ingredients. and delivered in person by one of our volunteers or our courier service to your door. We are certain that you will love our new Hope Boxes and the very personalized experience. For every Hope Box purchased, we donate one to a child, teen, or adult with a terminal illness such as cancer, or is an at-rush youth or teen, a very deserving family, someone suffering from mental illness, or let us choose a family that is on our waiting list to receive a Hope Box. All proceeds are used to grant wishes and make a dream come true for a very sick child. Give the gift that keeps giving back. 

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Kohl's Charity Events


We have teamed up with Kohl's to have two community fundraising events in Austin, Texas monthly to raise money for families and communities in need. Each event goes to a specific cause, such as disaster or crisis relief to an underserved city, adopting families, the Teal Pumpkin Project, silent auctions, and so much more. Bring your friends and come join us for a night of fun and a noble cause or donate to help our cause. We are matching your online donations dollar for dollar during these events. 

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Every gift comes with a handwritten letter and long-term support.

Enter your own amount or choose from one of our suggested donations. 

$20 monthly- give backpacks with school supplies to 10 to underserved youth

$50 monthly- Give a 16th birthday party

$150 monthly- send a family to Six Flags 

$250 monthly- Sponsor 3 families for Christmas. 


Holiday Toy Drive


It's that time again! Tis' the season to shine! Last year we were able to help over 400,000 families that were affected by and survived Hurricane Harvey, and this year we expect to double that in FL, NC, TX, and

MI, by giving them the ONE Christmas we are sure that they will never forget! We provide everything and hand deliver "Christmas" all the way from the Christmas trees and decorations, to the letters from Santa, cookies, and of course whatever their heart desires. We love smiles and hugs! 

Our program: We do a mass phone call and read " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve @ 7pm CST. We then deliver the trees and the goodies (if we haven’t already by December 5th or a last minute family gets adopted). . The parents call us as soon as the kiddos are awake and within one hour, Santa and/or Mrs. Clause are standing outside of their front door, to personally hand deliver all of the gifts on Christmas morning. The look in their eyes, as they gleam and sparkle with pure happiness and emotion is surrounding and filling the room. That is why we do this annually this way. There is no other program like this and we hope we can count on your support in making this magic happen again this year. We also have Hope Boxes that can be made and shipped out in just a few days! Please sign up for our mass reading of " 'Twas The Night before Christmas" at 7PM CST by adding yourself to our Facebook group “ ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas“ Here 

We had over 4,000 calllers on the line in 2017, and were able to deliver over 500,000 gifts to families that were adopted by us or affected by and survived Hurricane Harvey, and this year we expect to double those numbers. We can’t wait to share the pictures and the impact stories with you!  The kids will go to bed Christmas Eve so very excited, we gently guide them to sleep with our reading and then they will wake up to the surprise of a lifetime!  You can find the application on our Facebook page; www.facebook.com/pfposaves pinned to the top, or right here on the homepage of our website so that we may begin adopting families in TX, MI, and NC, and FL. 

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Amazon Wishlist: Disaster Relief


Please visit our Amazon Disiater wishlist from our teams of boots on the ground, and our volunteers located in the hardest hit cities at this time. Our greatest needs at the moment are food, water, diapers, feed, formula, medical supplies, and blankets, jackets, clothing, shoes, pillows, toiletries, gift cards, gasoline, and the basic essentials that most people take for granted every day. These familes have literally lost everything and we will do everything we can to fundraise and donate items plus give them a wonderful holiday season. We are here long-term, so we will be the ones rebuilding the affected houses and cities long after other organizations,  groups or teams have moved on. Please reach out to us if you'd like to contribute in-kind donations, gift cards, or would like to make a purchase from our Amazon wish list (as it is public). 

to order essentials such as tents. flashlights, batteries, warmers, blankets, jackets, furniture, non perishable food, medicine, first aid kits, and anything else that we know will help those that are suffering, cold, alone, hungry, and most likely without electricity. We update the list as our communities request specific donations. Monetary donations can always be made and every penny will be accounted for using our accounting system at PFPO, and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Take comfort in us and our programs, as we continue to provide sustainability and long-term help. 

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The Suit Case


Introducing our newest program! For all men that have been denied a fair and equal opportunity to gainful employment because of your past, we would like to gift you with a suit or business attire to help you on your interview. We will be providing vouchers to tons of nonprofits and businesses in Texas, having events to raise awareness, and will have an application soon for all to apply. Help us give these men a fighting chance and we will provide free resources to offer the necessary tools to find employment, schedule interviews, find housing and education for free! 

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