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Our Mission

Our Mission


The mission of PFPO is to provide care, encouragement, resources, rebuilding, sustainability, and long-term  support using personalized services, programs, and building community centers with likeminded organizations that can serve the city as a whole and provide as many solutions as we can offer to everyday dilemmas or disasters  in one place, one city at a time. 


Through a combination of private donors, companies, sponsors, programs, partners and affiliates we have create a united combined  utilization of all of our resources to build one main hub in each city that we build a community in. Some of our services include disaster relief, sustainability, and rebuilding of cities that have been affected by natural disasters, and programs which will educate and supply solutions to those in need or at-risk; including shelters and transitional programs. We warehouse, collect and deliver donations all over the globe, and offer long-term support programs and services, and basic resources such as showers, hair cuts, free education, job training, skills and trade learning, food, clothing, first aid, clean water, and truckload donations to those in need that are not able to come to our main campus. We serve as a main hub for each community that we build, from scratch sometimes and we are a global team of devoted and well vetted volunteers that share a vision to increase education, community involvement and economic growth.  Using combined efforts with like minded organizations and affiliates to substantially change the future and many lives across the globe by as much as 25% within the next decade.

Our Services: 

Client information is voluntarily provided to PFPO by loved ones, communities, churches, shelters, schools, and social media and using our combined resources we develop needed programs and solutions to each massive need in each city. We ensure complete confidentiality with any information that is provided to us, and our services will be free to the public. We are the second chance life changing, future society driven answer to most of the struggles in a city or community. Our fully vetted and committed volunteers provide compassionate service through direct one on one engagement to substantially impact the quality of life of anyone, including those at-risk or recently trasitioned families or youth, terminally ill patients, families going through hardships, and everyone is welcome to join us and let us guide you to a brighter future, at our all inclusive campuses.

Our Story: How We Began

For many years, founder Tiffany Castillo has been sending hope and inspiration to people in the form of cards, gifts, and letters to those in need across the globe and in local hospitals, with the help of friends and family to prevent suicide. In early 2017, Aaron's story was sent to us via social media. Aaron was a 15 year old terminally ill cancer patient who only wanted a birthday card for his 16th birthday and he did not have family or friends to support him while he was in the hospital alone. Tiffany and her friends all over the globe decided to team up and send Aaron birthday cards, as that was his dying wish. Tiffany and her devoted support system sent about 150 cards to Aaron; all with no return address on them. This led to us spending time at children's cancer hospitals helping to bring smiles to so many sweet faces at least once a month. 

Not long after we began serving those in need, or at-risk, hurricane Harvey struck in Texas and devastated many cities. After being on the ground during search and rescue, and then rebuilding and sustaining these Harvey stricken cities, something inside of Tiffany changed and it became clear that PFPO was destined to help those in any form of need or crisis and lift up entire communities by working together. It quickly became clear that we were missing a public business model; many communities have some servies but many have none. We knew we needed to build an all inclusive campus that could serve the city as a whole, instead of having to drive to locations spread across cities or states. 

Our passionate partners and volunteers provide the actual community members with all of the needed services in one location. We serve and rebuild and sustain each other with the help of the community. We now sustain our communites as a whole and states that we branch out to. we feed the homeless, have a clothing drive, offer computer and other classes, we train and educate, we provide on the job training and community service hours for those that want to better themselves and work hard to become gainfully employed or more successful as an individual or family, We give the underserved communities the opportunity that they’ve never been offered before. We give the gift of hope and offer an all-in-one community empowered solution to an ongoing series of issues that need to be addressed. We come together as a city and bring you a community of togetherness and provide futures to afford every member of a city the same opportunities as everyone else. 

Make A Big Impact

Hope Boxes

Introducing the Hope Box! Carefully crafted, unique, and handmade with love,and only the finest ingredients. and delivered in person by one of our volunteers or our courier service to your door. We are certain that you will love our new Hope Boxes and the very personalized experience. For every Hope Box purchased, we donate one to a child, teen, or adult with a terminal illness or cancer. All proceeds are used to grant wishes and make a dream come true for a very sick child. Give the gift that keeps giving back. 

Kohl's Charity Events

We have teamed up with Kohl's to have two community fundraising events in Austin, Texas monthly to raise money for families and communities in need. Each event goes to a specific cause, such as disaster or crisis relief to an underserved city, adopting families, the Teal Pumpkin Project, silent auctions, and so much more. Bring your friends and come join us for a night of fun and a noble cause or donate to help our cause. We are matching your online donations dollar for dollar during these events. 

Contribute Monthly

Every gift comes with a handwritten letter and long-term support.

Enter your own amount or choose from one of our suggested donations. 

$20 monthly- give backpacks with school supplies to 10 to underserved youth

$50 monthly- Give a 16th birthday party

$150 monthly- send a family to Six Flags 

$250 monthly- Sponsor 3 families for Christmas. 

Holiday Toy Drive

This holiday season we are collecting new and gently used toys and giving them to families that have lost everything, or are in need, and low income families that we adopt that don't have the financial means to give their children a Christmas. Donate a toy or two and help us bring smiles and light up the hearts and souls for families and children this year. Some of the organizations we will be working with this year are Operation Blue Santa, The Salvation Army, shelters, schools, churches, and low income individuals. 

Amazon Wishlist: Serving Hope Disaster Relief

Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to order essentials such as tents. flashlights, batteries, warmers, blankets, jackets, furniture, non perishable food, medicine, first aid kits, and anything else that we know will help those that are suffering, cold, alone, hungry, and most likely without electricity. We update the list as our communities sk fro specific donations. Donations can also always be made to PFPO as we continue to provide sustainability and long-term help. 

The Suit Case

Introducing our newest program! For all men that have been denied a fair and equal opportunity to gainful employment because of your past, we would like to gift you with a suit or business attire to help you on your interview. We will be providing vouchers to tons of nonprofits and businesses in Texas, having events to raise awareness, and will have an application soon for all to apply. Help us give these men a fighting chance and we will provide free resources to offer the necessary tools to find employment, schedule interviews, find housing and education for free! 

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